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recently, NIKE launched the NIKE KD 7 PREMIUM brand new color. color with white, pink and golden metal, and most notably in the shoes with white angel wings shape the shoelace buckle, really cool. at present, the information on the sale of the shoes has not yet been announced and we are keeping an eye on it. [pictures from the Internet, FROM:ZS] a little frustrating, that is, the foreign black wave point and white wave point of AIR, JORDAN 1, MID and LOW already listed, the domestic AJ counters can not be listed, can only do the pictures, can not get a pair. This is a new color of the wave of AIR JORDAN 1 to be listed, of course, is also in the foreign market, the domestic market is unknown, compared to black and white color wave, the color or the color of the person, or love. Air Jordan I replica (Limited Edition) Listing Date: 05/01/2009 〉 type: 136085-042 pictures related to this topic are as follows: air-jordan-i-1-retro-black-laser-blue-white-detailed-look-1.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: air-jordan-i-1-retro-black-laser-blue-white-detailed-look-2.jpg images related to this topic are as follows: air-jordan-i-1-retro-black-laser-blue-white-detailed-look-3.jpg pictures related to this topic are as follows: air-jordan-i-1-retro-black-laser-blue-white-detailed-look-4.jpgdesigned for girls to build AirJordanHeiress series, is about to usher in a brand new shoes, is a AirJor jordans on sale mens dan11LowGS PRMHC "FrostWhite", with pure white posture, for this scorching summer with a touch of fresh color. the overall appearance of the shoes, color, design, completely "Triple" White, all white, except in the tongue out of the logo to other color light embellishment, other positions are covered with pure white. The classic leather part and put on another kind of material to replace, bring out of the ordinary texture. Finally, the ivory outsole is covered with translucent bottom. number: 897331-100 offer date: 2017-05-20 price: $175 Losangeles artist Thomas Campbell partnered with Nike shoes 7.5, the global offering, to show everyone the very "What The" style of shoes if I use four words to describe this pair of shoes, it is absolutely full of Sincerity -- Remove the leather and suede shoes material, including graffiti, dot, stripe, star and other rich elements use "What The" sign asymmetric Yuanyang design full details and famous artists must personally designed shoes shoe income 7.1 on this red suede Air Jordan 5 "Flight Suit" red tone throughout, inherited the Joe 5 most attractive suede material and 3M reflective tongue, captured the hearts of many 5 generation of fans in October, the overseas investment activities of Chinese enterprises became more and more active. The latest commerce department data show that in 2012, China's domestic investors a total of 355 foreign direct investment enterprises in jordan 3 katrina 2018 87 countries and regions worldwide, non-financial foreign direct investment $4 billion 376 million, an increase of 59.9%. from the footwear industry, "going out" upsurge has emerged, both companies accelerate stores or chain store layout in a foreign country, or to trade for the pilot to set up their own overseas trading company, is engaged in the production and processing of overseas overseas processing trade, and even visionary entrepreneurs to brand. Shoe of overseas mergers and acquisitions and diversification objectives more clearly. "going out" is a "nice view here, but the enterprise encounters problem is followed. Foreign industry protection, channel construction lag, the confusion of cultural integration, the scarcity of international talent, foreign exchange services and the actual demand out of line, these factors have dragged the "go out" of the hind legs. sometimes, to Chinese entrepreneurs industry protection overseas investment enthusiasm, bring economic losses is to flinch. At the same time, in the process of brand testing the overseas market, there are many problems, such as less marketing outlets, high logistics costs and difficult replenishment problems, which often cause enterprises "going out" to face many tests. "the lack of international talent is a big problem, some compound talents more favored financial industry, IT industry, these emerging industries, and not willing to enter the shoe-making such tradi jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black tional labor-intensive industries, in fact, the traditional industry also needs high-quality personnel, here come in handy." Many professionals in the industry believe that the lack of talent is current)This novel by American basic cable channel AMC original production of the world's top poisonous king legendary crime story "breaking bad" in the wonderful story all over the world, and Aaron · Paul with excellent acting that the role of Jesse · ping's popular in the world, the song on the lips of the pet phrase Yo B itch it is back in the streets and lanes. Recently, with the 2nicecustoms Air Jordan 11 Low with inspiration, the blueprint for the design, following the custom version. This shoe is made of black leather and fabric wrapped insole, with Jesse · Pinkman head, outsole is used in black and red decoration graffiti font wrote that pet phrase. 2.jpg (150.38 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Low · pink Jesse; private custom shoes 2015-1-10 09:22 upload 3.jpg (146.16 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Low · pink Jesse; private custom shoes 2015-1-10 09:22 upload 1.jpg (177.86 KB, download number: 0) download Air Jordan 11 Low · pink Jesse; private custom shoes 2015-1-10 09:22 upload0.jpg (64.61 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-12 21:46 upload 1.jpg (83.23 KB, download number: 0) download attachmen foamposites for cheap ts saved to the album 2013-8-12 21:46 upload 2.jpg (68.68 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-12 21:46 upload 3.jpg (223.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-12 21:46 upload if talking about the development course of running shoes, it is difficult to find comparable to a Nike Air Pegasus shoe. In the past 30 years, it has set the industry benchmark, to comfort, good cushioning and durability characteristics such as well known to the world since it was hailed as a model of innovative products, many runners and champion runners of all ages. Air Pegasus this name is inspired by the human desire to fly in the sky (the Pegasus in Greek mythology means having wings of what). The classic design of inheritance in 30 years, the new Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is the most light a Pegasus running shoes, and a greater extent to meet the running for a long time the basic demands of running shoes. Nike Engineering Technology (Engineered Mesh) to mesh the key parts of the foot enough support, but also to ensure that the air permeability. Seamless lining design, improve comfort again. Nike Zoom provides a gasket below the heel cushioning effect is excellent for runners, upper lower reflective layer in low light environments still maintain visibility. 4.jpg (46.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-8-12 21:46 up cheap air jordans online load supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-1.jpg (61.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 10:01 upload Following a preview earlier in supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-2.jpg (105.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 10:01 upload supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-3.jpg (69.5 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 10:01 upload supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-4.jpg (55.75 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 10:01 upload supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-5.jpg (42.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-5-21 10:01 upload supra-ee-avenger-closer-look-6.jpg (53.04 KB, under.Sports players Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium new color & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-12-19 11:28:36 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network December 19 hearing, Nike Air Trainer Huarache recently re-modeled to departure, bring this Mid Navy / Ginger color. Designers in their shoes full of hardcore flavor profile using a dark blue leather shoe materials constituted body, supplemented by gray toe straps and shoes, as well as ginger-colored boots contrast design, and sideways to kill network details also increased a lot of mysterious atmosphere of the shoe, the last train carrying white soles show. (Media Partner: Danby slave shoes & nbsp; Waag shoes) & nbsp; Related newsthis year as the most talked about joint shoes, KAWS x Air Jordan 4 has not been released on eBay has been fried out of 3500 pounds in the shoe fans anxiously waiting for the official news at the same time, Just Don host Don C has been ahead of the foot, and the first exposure of the "double the annual blockbuster" shoes special shoe design. The black tone, so not only with huge red and white Logo "XX", "AIR" identified more with the same and vamp scratches Companion "cartoon hand" dark lines and rich details. It is reported that this pair of KAWS x Air Jordan 4 branded shoes will be officially on sale this month, please pay attention to the follow-up reports specific news HYPEBEAST. So hyped to have these?? DC2 (@chicagodonc) · share posts; Click here to view full gallery at difference: the contrast from the hand and thermal effects, used as raw materials of mink mink cashmere cashmere. Hence, differences between the three kinds of fabric fabric is the cost, thermal effects, handle and fabric villi density and hair loss. The main difference here. Flannel and coral velvet: The difference between and coral fleece flannel: flannel fabrics before weaving is wool by dyeing technology, adding color wool woven blends, the twill weave and weave weaving techniques, at the same time after the felting and rough, woven product has the characteristics of soft and close. Coral cashmere fabric with polyester fiber as raw materials, weaving process mainly through the heating, cooling, deformation, setting, weaving have been improved and upgraded, adding new technology, make the fabric has more rich texture and rich color. The difference between flannel and coral velvet two: from the selection of materials, raw materials used flannel and coral cashmere wool with polyester fiber is very different from the manufactured goods can be found, the more thick flannel fabrics, plush density is very close, the coral fleece villus density relative to the sparse, because of raw materials the reason, the feel of villi are slightly different, flannel feel more soft and delicate, and the thickness of the fabric and warmth are also different, using wool as raw materials of flannel more thick, more warm. were introduced: by the woolen flannel is a soft fabric and suede fabric. Main features: Flannel color plain and elegant, light, grey and dark grey, suitable for the production of spring and autumn men and women jacket and trousers. Flannel of high weight, plush fine and dense, thick fabric, high cost, good heat preservation. Flannel face with a layer of fine clean hair full coverage, gel weave, soft and smooth, the body slightly thinner than bone. After milling, pilling finishing, comfortable, delicate suede. is a kind of mink cashmere, cashmere fabric. Collected from mink (undercoat) as raw materials. Take the gun wool cashmere, processing mechanism after used in apparel industry. Mink cashmere fleece fabric compared to more suitable for high-end apparel industry. The popularity of cashmere fabrics mostly for cashmere fleece, such as begonia. Mink fur has the characteristics of strong, rich color, soft plush appearance. After washing special craft processing, its skin is better, almost no hair, can be worn next to skin allergy. coral fleece is a new type of fabric. As the name implies, colorful, coral velvet, coral textile fabrics showed good coverage. It is a new type of fabric. Delicate texture, soft and not easy to lose hair, no pilling. Do not fade. Without any stimulation to the skin, no allergies. Beautiful appearance, rich colors. Common coral fleece with polyester fiber DTY150d/288f and DTY150d/144f as raw materials, fine denier silk, bending modulus is small, so the fabric has excellent softness. Because the fiber density is high, a coral cover, good, like a living coral like soft body, colorful, so called coral fleece.The black shoes match the White Medium and the outer bottom, the simple collocation of double color brings simple style, while the use of litchi leather and suede highlights the texture. In front of this pair of Air Jordan 11 "72-10" has faded the outfit of sports shoes, the fashion experience and the tide experience are more perfect.