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In the world's most growth potential of the Chinese market, the two sporting goods giant eye on the movement of young northern Chinese city of Harbin nineteenth middle school, before hanging a giant gray brick Golden red and white banners, showing the most proud of the achievements of this school: the school year, 92% of graduates admitted to the university. and, like the vast majority of Chinese High School, Harbin nineteen no sports teams and stadiums. Bristling playground outside the classroom several basketball and rusty metal parallel bars. Not long ago a summer afternoon, the playground empty. Nike (Nike) winner of the basketball tournament in Harbin are showing their prize: a brand new Nike basketball shoes and other equipment. 18-year-old cattle Shi Bin (sound) said that good people learn most cattle. September will enter the University of cattle World Penn says he likes to play basketball, but it takes nearly 12 hours a day to learn, it is no time to play. China's young elite sport in the Olympics breaststroke, unstoppable. But for China's ordinary children, organized sports are still not really into their lives. In China, about less than 3 percent of the student's high school sports teams. Sports talent extraordinary or exceptional physical condition, the child will leave very early in ordinary schools, he was selected into the training of professional sports elite sports schools in the future. Nike and Adidas (Adidas AG) and other sporting goods companies, the situation is certainly a big challenge. Both companies have attached great importance to the Chinese market of 1.3 billion people, hoping to drive sales growth; they are invariably set out to change China sports activities for young people. At Nike in management positions ????? (Terry Rhoads) that we have to give children the opportunity to participate in sports, in order to cultivate a market in China. Luhai Rui is currently managing director of sports marketing firm before Rui Business Consulting Ltd. (Zou Marketing Ltd.) in. Nike basketball round robin is the attempt made in this regard. In late July, Nike basketball round robin came to Harbin. In th jordan shoes online sale e strong rhythm of American popular music and Hip Hop music, high school and college students started fighting in the midday sun. The three-day competition attracted Harbin station more than 400 teams sign up, they are the winners will travel to Shanghai, with the winners from the other three cities (a total of 1,600 teams) in total contention champion. In order to encourage young people to participate in sports, Nike and Adidas also organized a high school league. The two companies provide training programs for the coach, and investment in public sports facilities. The two companies did not disclose the size of their investments in this area. Currently, Nike high school basketball league has grown to 20 Chinese cities, covering nearly 205 schools 2,500 students. In addition, Nike also hosts the annual summer training camp, invited American coaching aspiring students. Nike is 16 this year, the city launched a high school football league. Adidas has taken the first step in football, high school football in its sponsorship of the league, there are 15 cities of more than 30,000 students participating each year. Adidas has also provided more than 1,500 football coach training opportunities. Another 8,000 students in six cities participated in the company's summer basketball league. Bi Po-yuan of Adidas Greater China vice president Marketing (Paul Pi) said that our focus is on the development of sports, to opportunities for personal involvement. We strive to let more people have the opportunity to participate. Of course, the promotion of sports activities with a strong business atmosphere. Nike Harbin venue surrounded by many of the company's new ultralight Hyperdunk basketball shoe ad. This pair of shoes priced at about RMB 1,200 yuan (about $ 175). Harbin last year, per capita GDP is about $ 3,400. The prize winning team is this shoe, they award the photos will appear in the local newspapers and sports websites. Nike also located next to the site of a huge air-conditioned tents, which show that the US and Chinese national basketball team sponsored by Nike model. All of these models are all from head to toe Nike equipment. 20- jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black year-old sophomore Jin new (sound), and a friend who visited, they were wearing the Dallas Mavericks jersey. Jin said the new Department of Mathematics, he almost every day to play basketball, skipped this year also saw the NBA Finals. He said that playing basketball is very, very cool. new Jin said he felt Nike shoes is the best, is too expensive. He is to save money, give yourself one day to buy a pair. Nike Brand President Charlie? Denson (Charlie Denson), said China's sports culture exploding camel development. Last year, China has become Nike's second-largest market after the United States market. Nike fiscal year ended in June, the Chinese market sales of more than $ 1 billion, while the US market sales of $ 6.4 billion. Adidas expects 2010 sales in China will more than one billion US dollars, and this year China will surpass Japan to become the second largest market after the United States. This is mainly due to China's huge market size, as well as emerging urban middle class disposable income of rapid growth, which is mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities. Challenge sporting goods company is currently facing is how to maintain growth. Overall Chinese sporting goods market is still far behind the United States, per capita consumption gap even greater. Therefore, companies such as Nike and Adidas are still focused on the promotion of the general population. ????? sharp business consulting think before, and after the Olympics China will start working to increase investment, the development of sports and physical education in ordinary schools, which he hope. However, there are still many obstacles. He said that many schools and parents still regard sport as a waste of time. On the other hand, can afford school sports program, mostly in the city, the lack of sports venues and other facilities. many American suburban community is very different situation, where the children from a very young age came into contact with football and baseball and other team sports. Many American high school also faced criticism that they put too much energy and resources on sports, and thus learning and e jordans on sale mens xtra-curricular activities and other music and art have been neglected. from the parents and the children themselves resistance may be the biggest obstacle. In many Chinese one-child families (China's strict family planning policy of product), parents regard the child's academic and professional achievement as the key to maintaining the family's financial situation. Many children are also under tremendous pressure, they have to get good grades in exams to enter the key middle schools and prestigious universities, so as to obtain a stable and high-paying jobs. Bi Po-yuan said, attaches great importance to educate parents and children on school achievements. with glasses, looked very quiet Caipei Han (sound), my dad did not want me to play. Harbin high school and friends that were shot on the golf course next to the Nike round robin. He said, Dad think it will affect my studies. Caipei Han have time to play only on weekends. He spent eight hours a day in the classroom, but also to spend two hours doing homework and learning. He said, I wish we had time to play at school. sporting goods companies need to make children believe that sport belongs to everyone, not just those elite athletes of the patent, the average student is often difficult to put themselves and these sports stars are linked. Nike's Director of Communications China Zhu nearly Qian (Ginger Zhu) said that people really proud of the athletes, especially when they are in the international arena when athletics. But people lack a sense of connection to the athletes, the athletes and they think he did not have in common. In order to show exemplary role and ordinary children can resonate with sports stars, Nike this year sponsored a project called Kobe Mentor. Nike scouts and coaches from all over China singles out 30 student-athletes. These players will then be given the opportunity and the Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant? Bryant (Kobe Bryant) a training. These players will be eliminated by the reality TV-style, until the rest of the 16 people, who will stay and Bryant and his coaches to train with. This process is made into a six episodes of the television progr Cheap foamposites for sale am, broadcast on China's sports channel. The event, one of the most popular players are high school students from Beijing ???? height of 5 feet 10 inches Zhang Heng (sound). Nike and Adidas also targeting another emerging market: China cities white-collar crowd. They considered part of their favorite sport of modern urban life, but these people did not participate in team sports opportunities. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other cities of gym membership is growing rapidly. Nike sponsored college girls aerobics program; the end of August to participate in the 10 km running race organized person Nike Nike also provide them with a full training program including coaches, including. Adidas sponsored a number of gym, running seminars and provides the main man jogging in the gym. a fact clearly reflected in the attitude of young people in sports is changing: people playing basketball in the school's position has changed dramatically. Wang Zhuo (sound) said that people who play basketball cool. She was wearing a yellow T-shirt, holding a basketball next to 6 feet tall boyfriend's hand, the boy is in Harbin to attend the Nike Tour races. 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COTTON. LOOPWHEEL, behind the classic sickle totem with a brand momentum, and in the arm plus military slogan not forget the original intention of brand. And the target like totem, again in black and white color reproduction, is finally presented in the University Logo service brand style, color stripe cuffs and general university points out different service highlights, a finishing touch effect. was released on INVINCIBLE in May 6th. INVINCIBLE EastINVINCIBLE CentralINVINCIBLE South APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!Black & White Originals is a major theme of this season, in addition to the earlier as we reported in the O-Range style, also recently launched KAJ Mid and Top Ten Lo & Mid classic shoes black and white color... Download (40.18 KB)2007-7-23 Adidas Black & , maybe we've seen Nike s various What the. After the series of new products, experienced a variety of shoes feel. And this time by the Diversitile designed new customized Nike Dunk High "Frankenstein", for us to explain the alternative colorful. This kind of shoes with low gray, black, gray and other multi-color leather show, shoes with the skin as if the suture line design, and heel of the brain design is to reflect the resurrection of the dead body the best effect. 2012-10-25 13:30 upload and download attachments (85.19 KB) 2012-10-25 upload and download attachments at 13:30 (90.43, KB) 2012-10-25 upload and download attachments at 13:30 (101.67, KB) miZXFLUX application with unlimited customization possible landing mobile platform, Originals Adidas famous designer Handy Sam design of this Flux ZX will become one of the most fashionable shoes in the future. Words, however, still hope that Adidas will not give up the simple version of the ZX Flux. This time brings a deep blue ballistic nylon cloth version of Flux ZX, like friends can purchase in 43Einhalb. source: sneakernewsKyrie 1 since the debut release date of nearly 20 color, there does not seem to be a color than the color of this "green glow" more low-key, almost to dark gray adjust the layout of the whole body, only a metallic silver Swoosh sideways embellishment, logo and welt green details count is whole is one of the few bright spots; it is reported that the color will next week, September 16 days to come on stage formally, No. 705277-001. source: City Kicks Rock baoxiniao group get the right agent under the world's top 500 enterprises LGFashion's clothing brand HAZZYS, responsible for the development of HAZZYS in China market network. But before this, Angelo has been operating international famous brand MaurizioBaldassari for half a year. Coincidentally, Zhuang Ji, some local well-known brand shoes and apparel method is also approached with some international famous brand clothing. While operating their own brands, they want to make full use of marketing channels, management team resources, and international brand-name clothing enterprises to cooperate with, and truly international standards. local agent international brand shoes and apparel enterprises CHIC in Beijing in March this year, the French side of the booth, a new clothing brand -- FRANCEPAL. According to reports, the new agency Fapai brand in France, by the design responsible, responsible for the domestic market sales by Fapai and part of international procurement. Angelo Group Chairman Wu Zhize said, LGFashion also in the acting British brand, MaurizioBaldassari also for other big international service, this is a big trend in the apparel industry. Last year, Angelo Italy clothing brand MaurizioBaldassari agency in the China. The day before, and South Korea's LG group brand signed an agency agreement, is responsible for the domestic market. Relevant responsible person said, baoxiniao group in 2010, the group brand with external agents to reach 10, in the international peer to have a space for one person. yesterday, juder Group executives said the company is to discuss cooperation with the United States Agency is an international well-known brand. ; agent: maximize resource utilization in the past, many enterprises represent international brands in order to draw on the advanced management concepts of international brands and product design and R & D capabilities. However, with the growth of enterprises, many enterprises say that today is the era of information, the most important purpose is to hope to make full use of existing resources, maximize the use of resources. juder Group Chairman Chen Min said that currently own brand positioning in the mid-range, in the minds of consumers have been difficult to change, and the enterprises owned by the management team, social resources, network channels have engaged in high-end brands can, if you can delegate some of the high-end international brands. You can use existing resources)ray-barbee-x-vans-limited-edition-pack-01.jpg (52.18 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-7 16:23 upload ray-barbee-x-vans-limited-edition-pack-02.jpg (38.77 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-7 16:23 upload 00